If you were a child in the 1990s, you’re bound to remember SMart presenter Mark Speight. His life had a tragic ending that fans could never predict.

The children’s TV star hung himself back in 2008, after the sudden death of his fiancee led him into controllable depression, with feelings that ‘his world had collapsed’.

TV presenter and actress, Natasha Collin was just 31 years of age when she passed away from a cocaine overdose in the couple’s London flat. She was found dead in the bath by Speight.

He never forgave himself for her death as it was the cocaine that he purchased that ultimately lead to her death.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a close friend of the couple who wished to remain anonymous stated, “The bottom line is that Mark bought the coke which killed Tash, and as far as he was concerned he may as well have provided her with a revolver and a handful of bullets,”

“Tash was a strong willed woman who was perfectly capable of making her own decisions. But she was also at least ten years younger than Mark and very impressionable.

“Added to that he felt guilty because he’d made a few comments past year about wanting out of the relationship.

“I don’t doubt that he loved her but she had an eating disorder and I know it caused friction sometimes.

“They had some big arguments – it wasn’t all sweetness and light in their home.

“He’d said a few things in the heat of the moment which he couldn’t get out of his head after she died.”

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Mark struggled to come to terms with his fiancee’s death

When his body was discovered, a suicide note was found in the 41-year-old’s trouser pocket; Westminster Crown Court had revealed.

On Aril 7th 2008, Speight went missing, before his body was found six days later hanging from the roof of Paddington Railway Station in London.

He had taken the shoelaces out of his trainers to complete the act.

Coroner Dr Knapman made this statement about the presenter’s death:

“It does seem to me that he decided on a course of action to kill himself. Clearly, he was so devastated by the loss of Natasha Collins that he could not contemplate life without her.”

Officers also made witness statements about the turn of events:

“Speight appeared to be “distressed and deep in thought.” However, he refused the officers’ help.

“It wasn’t until six days after he vanished that station security staff chanced upon Mr. Speight’s body next to a lift shaft in a very rarely-visited area of the roof.”

After the court hearing, Speight’s father, Oliver said:

“I think from the family’s perspective I want you to realise how proud we are of Mark – his dignity and his honour are in place. There was no drink and no drugs in his system.”