Written by Adrian Edmonson and Rik Mayall way back in 1991, Bottom was equal parts toilet humour and high concept comedy.

It is regarded as one of the best British sitcoms of all time, and has amassed a cult following with is childish humour and hilarious slapstick, and though it is regarded as one of the rudest, crudest and most juvenile sitcoms ever to be produced on the BBC, would you believe that it is actually loosely based on Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot?

Britain’s favourite slobs, Richard Richard and Edward Elizabeth Hitler, will live on as two of the greatest comedy characters ever created, but how well do you know the show?

If you truly consider yourself a fan of Bottom, (queue the Bevis and Butthead laugh) then why not take this test of series one, and put your knowledge to the test.

But don’t worry, no matter what your score is, that will always be a smashing blouse you have on.

1: In “Smells”, according the Pheromone sex spray advert, which magazine says, “it attracts women like you would not believe”?

a) The Lancet

b) Hammersmith Bugle

c) Karachi Medical Gazette

d) London Medical Gazette

2: In “Smells”, when Richie and Eddie are in the toilet of the Lamb and Flag, what condom did they decide on?

a) Banana, Union Jack, Ribbed

b) Marmite, Gold, Tickler

c) Strawberry, Black, Ultra-Sensitive

d) Cheese and onion flavour, Union Jack, Tickler

3: In “Smells”, what colour biro does Richie use to draw leg hair on himself?

a) Black

b) Red

c) Green

d) Blue

4: In “Gas”, when playing cards, what hand does Eddie produce?

a) Five Aces

b) Royal Flush

c) Five Kings

d) Three Pairs

5: In “Gas”, according to the story of a pair of trousers in the middle of a forest that Richie tells the gasman, what are the trousers called?

a) Dave

b) Trevor

c) John

d) Peter

6: In “Gas”, in what way do the boys NOT try to dispose of the gasman?

a) Hide him under the rug

b) Put him on top of a bus

c) Sell him to a kebab shop for meat

d) Hide him in the cupboard

7: In “Contest”, Eddie has his dole cut off because he has too many savings, how much did he have?

a) £11.80

b) £2.50

c) £16.20

d) £5.50

8: In “Contest”, if Eddie does not apologise to Richie, where would he have to go?

a) Dirty Mary’s

b) Nasty Linda’s

c) Nasty Laura’s

d) Mental Maureen’s

9: In “Contest”, what odds does Eddie say he has on Miss China winning Miss World?

a) 500-1

b) 100-1


d) 1000-1

10: In “Apocalypse”, what is the name of the recently deceased goldfish?

a) Elvis

b) Johnny

c) Buddy

d) Keith

11: In “Apocalypse”, Eddie claims to have hurt his leg in the Falklands War, according to Eddie, how did he do it?

a) He trapped it in the door of a tank

b) He tripped over the coffee table trying to change channels

c) He stood on a landmine

d) He fell down the stairs of the recruitment office

12: In “Apocalypse”, Eddie switches on the TV to see what time it is, which programme’s opening music is playing?

a) Home & Away

b) Neighbours

c) EastEnders

d) Coronation Street

13: In “Apocalypse”, Richie inherits some money from his Auntie Olga, how much does he get?

a) £600

b) £400

c) £900

d) £850

14: In “‘S Up”, what is the name of the video Eddie is watching?

a) Big Jugs

b) The Furry Honeypot Adventure

c) Peter Rabbit

d) Swedish Lesbians in Blackcurrant Jam

15: In “‘S Up” what sport do Richie and Eddie go up onto the roof to watch?

a) Football

b) Rugby

c) Cricket

d) Golf

16: In “‘S Up”, Richie makes Eddie his favourite sandwich, what is it?

a) Cheese & Ham

b) Beef & Onion

c) Banana & Crisp

d) Pickled Onion

17: In “‘S Up”, according to the newspaper Eddie is reading, the entire cast of which soap opera are all lesbians?

a) Emmerdale Farm

b) Coronation Street

c) Brookside

d) EastEnders

18: In “Accident”, who sends Richie a birthday card with ‘Happy Christmas 1973’ written inside?

a) Rod Steiger

b) All the lads from the Ark Royal


d) Sue Carpenter

19: In “Accident”, Richie answers the door to Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog, who do they say they are looking for?

a) Eddie Hitler

b) Dirty Eddie

c) Crazy Eddie

d) Chopper Hitler

20: In “Accident”, what film do Eddie, Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog watch while Richie is hiding in the cupboard?

a) War and Peace

b) The Guns of Navarone

c) The Sound of Music

d) Goldfinger

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