Skyrim is an open-world action role-playing game, set in a medieval world and has become a bit of a cult hit with fans from around the world.

The fan-favourite has been remastered and released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in October and generated much chatter on Social Media. A Reddit thread from 2011 has resurfaced, with users posting on what Skyrim would be like if it was a 90s Arcade Fighting Game.


One user wrote:

I can totally see a loading screen with carriage rides to the other major cities on the Skyrim map where it announces who you will be fighting. Bandit Chief, Pyromancer, Master Vampire, etc. At the end take a special dragon flight to to Skuldafan to fight Dragon Priest and then to Alduin in Sovngard.

Another responded, with an addition, Do an uppercut and they’ll break the stage floor, plunging you into Blackreach.

SkyZo222 wrote a personal message to Skyrim creators, Bethesda. Isn’t this the moment when we say “Bethesda, pleeeease” like the total kindergartens that we are?

A 2016 remastered image was posted, of how the game would look today if it were true. We’ve chopped the two together to simulate the visual differences in a short video clip.

Users continued to discuss features with this brilliant suggestion added: Test your Thu’um minigame: Fus Ro Dah Nazeem to the “Cloud District.”

XDrSchnugglesx then asked a very important question, Okay guys, who would the characters be?

Obviously the Dragonborn. Ulfric maybe. Lydia? Aela? Parthunax?Each of the Daedric Gods. I’m drawing a blank on a lot of characters. Maybe one of the Dragon Priests.

Then, the best thing that could have happened (without the game being produced, of course), happened, Btw, this just got featured on the official Elder Scrolls page on Facebook! [and Twitter] Good job!

What do you think of the Skyrim arcade fighter? Do you think Bethesda will roll with it if they see the thread?

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