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TV’s Sheridan Smith shared a passionate one-night stand with a former Love Island star as the pair watched videos of their most memorable moments on TV before hopping under the covers with one another.

The Cilla and former Two Pints actress, 36, contacted part-time model Jordan ‘The Hulk’ Ring after he caught her eye on the ITV dating series.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Jordan, 34, said: “We kissed, then undressed – I called her stunning. She kept telling me I was drop-dead gorgeous and just her type.”

The reality TV star said that they watched videos of his racy Love Island shenanigans together during their night of passion.

Jordan Ring, nicknamed The Hulk because of his muscular 6ft 4in frame, said they also watched clips of Sheridan’s emotional BAFTA acceptance speech before getting under the sheets together.

He added: “I could tell she fancied me. She loved my tattoos and kept saying I was drop-dead gorgeous.”

Cilla star Sheridan Smith got in touch with events promoter Jordan after spotting him on Love Island, on which he was a contestant during the 2015 series.

She had originally tweeted her support as he took part in the ITV show, but went on to privately message him and pass on her mobile phone number after he followed her on the social media network.

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Finally, she invited him to join her at a friend’s house at which she was temporarily living in Notting Hill, West London, and the pair quickly hit it off.

Jordan said: “She opened the door wearing casual clothing and I kissed her on the cheek and was like, ‘Hello how are you doing? I’ve seen you on the telly!’

“It was so strange.

“We went to the second floor apartment she was living in and started drinking vodka/

“We chatted about Love Island to break the ice and then it progressed into watching a few episodes.

“Sheridan wanted to watch me on it and I was hiding behind a cushion because I found it really embarrassing.

“We put it on the ITV Player and watched some old episodes.

“She said she loved trashy TV and I was her favourite.

“She said I was better than the show and everyone else on it.”

The repeats included scenes where the Gloucester-born Jordan could be seen seducing contestant Zoe Brown.

He said: “That was when I made my move as I could tell the signs.

“I’m not sure what the reaction would’ve been if we’d seen the episode where I had sex, but maybe it’s why I got my foot in the door.”

Jordan, at this point in Sheridan’s flat at 3am, then insisted they watch footage of the actress tearfully collecting the BAFTA award she won for her portrayal of Mrs Biggs in 2013.

They watched her gasp “is this for real?” as she received the coveted award before a star-studded audience.

Jordan said: “I was fascinated. Sheridan said how anxious she was before the speech.

“She said she had to drink a lot before and nearly didn’t go as she was that nervous.”

Sheridan, who has also been awarded an OBE for services to acting, then let Jordan speak on the phone with her former Two Pints co-star Ralf Little.

Finally, as the sun began to rise, the pair retired to the bedroom and, after viewing further video clips, got under the covers.

Jordan said: “We started to kiss and undress each other – we had sex just the once.

“Sheridan wasn’t fully undressed and left her top on, so it gave the impression that she was a bit body conscious.

“I tried to reassure her by telling her she was stunning and not to be silly.

“By the time we’d finished it was around 10am.

“We cuddled for a bit before sleeping until about 2pm.”

After waking up next to Sheridan, who has dated the likes of the re-born Hollywood chat-show star James Corden and Hollyoaks actor Greg Wood, Jordan said he had to leave for a business meeting.

He added: “I was so hungover that we didn’t say much in the morning.

“We kissed and cuddled for a little bit and she kept saying she wanted me to stay longer.

“She walked me to the door wearing a dressing gown and said, ‘I’ll speak to you soon, gorgeous, keep in touch’.

“I kissed her goodbye and grabbed a taxi from outside.”

Despite, however, the pair still being friends on Facebook and following each other on Twitter, things seemed to fizzle out between them and have subsequently not seen each other since.

After spotting “The Hulk” on Love Island, Sheridan got in touch with the reality TV star after he was booted off the show in the fifth week in July 2015, only to be told by his mum that Sheridan had tweeted about him.

He decided to follow her on the social media network and a month later, she followed him back before sending him a private message.

According to The Sun, on August 25 she gave Jordan her mobile number, telling him to ring her and to “keep in touch.”

A day later, and just weeks before they eventually did meet up, she messaged him again, asking: “In London yet?”

And, minutes later, she added: “Get on a train x.”

Jordan continued: “We spoke on WhatsApp but Sheridan mainly rang me up and I could always tell it was after she’d had a few drinks.

“We chatted about what she was up to and how we should go for drinks if I was ever in London.

“I was just star-struck and a bit nervous talking to her as she’s a big deal and I’m a fan.”

The pair spoke three or four times on the phone before Jordan informed Sheridan that he was in the capital to attend a celebrity party.

He said: “I texted her to say, ‘What are you doing? I’m in London. I’m about to go to the after-party but I don’t really fancy it.’

“Sheridan then gave me her address over the phone and I got in a taxi and went straight there.

“I could tell she fancied me, so I thought when we met up it would be romantic.

“She kept telling me I was drop-dead gorgeous all of the time and that I was really her type.

“She loved my tattoos and said that she wished she could get some but couldn’t because of the acting.”

Jordan said Sheridan also shared some acting tips got hit him to help her rehearse for her then-upcoming role in the stage musical Funny Girl.

He added: “She spoke about who she worked with and showed me pictures of her and Dustin Hoffman and De Niro. I was blown away.

“I wasn’t sure if it was going to be something more than a one-night stand as she wanted me to stay and said we should keep in touch.

“We spoke a few more times by phone after, but our paths never crossed again.

“She was always busy and my schedule was hectic too.”

But Jordan said: “Before Love Island I was gardening with my nan in the countryside

“I went from that to a night with Sheridan.

“It was quite a surreal change.”