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Emma Forbes was unable to hide her delight, as she was surprised with a visit from her former Live & Kicking co-host Andi Peters live on Loose Women.

The TV presenter was on the show to discuss her amazing new look and her fitness revamp when the panellists brought Andi out of the green room.

Emma, 52, couldn’t contain her joy and exclaimed at the site of her friend, as she immediately went over to hug him.

She mentioned that the pair have remained close friends ever since their days working together drew to a close but admitted that they haven’t actually seen each other for a little while.

90s favourites Emma Forbes and Andi Peters reunite on Loose Women [The Sun/ITV]
Andi was quick to praise his former co-star for her timeless beauty and told her that she believes she is “beautiful whatever shape you are.”

The pair then joked that she has been several different shapes and sizes during their long-running friendship.

Emma was looking good in a chic white jacket while she stunned the panellists and the audience with her newly blonde locks.

Speaking with Andrea McLean, Stacey Solomon, Nadia Sawalha and Janet Street-Porter about her new hairdo, she explained: “This is what happens when you’re 50 and hormonal. You say let’s do something drastic and go blonde.”

Explaining why she felt the need to change her approach to fitness in the past few years, Emma continued: “It’s a new me. Those pictures of me on the beach that were posted online weren’t me. I didn’t recognise myself.”

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She explained that like many other women, she didn’t realise how long she had been carrying a few extra pounds around, which tend to stay after giving birth.

She continued: “I was turning 50 and I wanted to look and feel it. There was nothing wrong but I just wanted to lose that eight. I was looking at the pictures thinking who is that?

“At 50 you are very vulnerable so everything makes you feel so much more self-conscious.”

She concluded by saying: “I was just prompted to make a change because I didn’t want to be sitting home while the kids go off to uni.

“I don’t believe in surgery so I just wanted to get on top of my health. I gave up sugar and took up exercise. I love walking.”