Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley has revealed she keeps a photo of herself when she was at her heaviest on her phone to remind her of how far she’s come in her weight loss journey.

The actress, who plays Eva Price on the ITV soap, has often spoken about the fact that she was overweight as a teenager and reached a size 22 and 15 stone when she was 18.

Catherine, 33, dropped to her current size 8-10 after adopting a new healthy eating and regular exercise regime, and in a new interview with Best magazine, the star admitted keeping an old photo of her previous size to hand as a reminder of her journey and how well she’s done.

She said: “I actually keep a picture from when I was big on my phone to remind myself just how far I’ve come.

“When I look at pictures of myself from that time, it doesn’t look like me.

“I was a different person.

Catherine at her heaviest [source: Daily Mail]
“In terms of body shape, I’m the smallest I’ve ever been.”

She previously told the Sunday People: “I can’t tell you how much happier I am now. It sounds a cliché but I was always the loud, jolly one. Not the sexy one.

“But as I got older I didn’t want to be like that anymore so I had to change.”

She gave birth to her first child, son Alfie, two years ago, and has said that she lost the baby weight “gradually and sensibly” rather than put pressure on herself in order to get back in to shape immediately.

“I definitely push myself harder in the gym,” she told Fit and Well.

“After I had Alfie, I wondered how my body would settle, but gradually and sensibly I’ve got back to where I want to be.”

According to The Sun, Catherine has described her exercise regime as “heavy on weight training”, she explained:
“It’s one of the fastest ways of changing your body – and if you are lifting correctly during squats, lunges, etc, you should be engaging your core anyway, and that will give you great results everywhere.”

She also tries to steer clear of processed food and stick to an all-natural food diet, loaded with fish, nuts, avocados and low-sugar fruits such as berries.

She also hikes with her personal trainer husband Tom Pitfield and their young son.

“We do a lot of walking, as a family,” she told ITV’s Lorraine.

“I’ve been getting in the garden, growing organic vegetables. I think it’s really important to do stuff together as a family.

“[It’s just about] keeping active.”

She also said that she and her husband Tom want their son to grow up to enjoy outdoor pursuits and exercise.

“We want to instil it from a young age,” she said.