17 of the best 90s Gameshows

These 17 90s Gameshows prove that TV was better back then

Gameshows during the 1990s were fantastic. They mixed 80s graphic design with new age ideas and the results were often superb.

Like with chocolate, TV was better back in the day, when we were all younger and relatively care free. Gameshows of the 90s showcased some of the best and worst hair styles you’ve ever seen, not forgetting the uber-tight spandex pants and other awful costumes.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the best gameshows, in our opinion, of the 90s. Take a look and be sure to let us know whether you agree, disagree or if we’ve missed an absolute banger!

17) The Crystal Maze17 of the best 90s Gameshows

Although there are reports of a return of this amazing show, we don’t think you can ever replicate this crazy nineties classic.

The Crystal Maze followed contestants as they played their way through challenging tasks to collect the elusive crystals.

16) Man o Man17 of the best 90s Gameshows

Man o Man is like a 90s (and much better) version of todays Take Me Out. We saw ten blokes look as suave as possible as they tried to convince the female studio audience to keep them.

If they failed, one by one they were plunged into the drink until there was just one man left standing. The winner took home a motorbike.

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